Friday, August 7, 2020
Strategy Development 

Strategy Modelling

The process of developing a clear strategy is often over complicated and so the model we use helps an organisation to keep the process simple, clear and transparent. 

We major on the following approach:

• Identify where the organisation is today through an appropriate audit process

• Seek to find and describe its medium and longer terms goals

• Examine what is missing between now and the future i.e. the gap

• Develop a plan to build the strategy, focus on the relationships required and set out the skills required to ensure the strategy will succeed 

The strategic plan also includes clear milestones and expected outcomes taking account of the environment and risk acceptability.  Every plan considers the factors described in the PESTEL model including political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal aspects of the strategy and describes them appropriately. 

Culture and Vision

As the global economy recovers from recession, many organisations are unclear about how to capitalise on the future. The starting point for such as exercise is gain clarity around the current culture of the organisation and then determine the future culture expected to allow the organisation to secure its medium to long term future.

The process starts with a cultural audit exercise and then works with the senior team to establish what the future will look and feel like.  If a change is required, we work with the team to help achieve the required cultural shift across all levels of the organisation. 

As required, the use of Lifo® Method can help individuals and teams appreciate the reason for change, how they can contribute to effective change and best steps to embrace to implement the change in culture.  Lifo® aids the process by removing treat and resistance.


We operate at a hands on level in all projects meaning that you see us regularly on site so that we gain good knowledge of the organisation, its people and the issues to be addressed. As such we become partners in your organisation while we work with you and your teams get to know us well.

Project activity is either done on site by us or we will take off site to work on the strategy development as required.  In either event, we formally report on what is being done and what is expected as output and measurable from the activity.
We seek regular client feedback to ensure progress is at the right pace and that the project is delivering the outcomes expected

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