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Sales training
Our sales training process starts with an analysis of what you do currently so that we augment current activity and not simply change it for the sake of change.  We look to develop the strengths you already have in sales activity and help guide you and your team to achieve more sales and at better margins.

If appropriate, we will use the Lifo® Sales Method analysis to identify individual sales person strengths and then use the data to help them understand sales performance in depth and how to use their behaviour and that of the prospect or customer to achieve better relationships and trust through credibility, competence and commonality.

The critical outputs are improved sales skills, enhanced competence and better tools to deploy to measure success in sales activity.

Market development

Finding new prospects and customers is time consuming and can often be a hit or a miss for many businesses.

So our marketing consultancy is designed to build a marketing strategy that will work for your business in your sector and location. The critical elements define who your customers are currently, how to find more of them, what they buy, why they buy it from you and then we will write the strategy on how to access these groups using a balanced portfolio of marketing activity over an agreed time frame.

Financial management

All managers need to understand the key parts of their financial performance and plans.  Our approach supports the perception that not all managers are budding accountants!  And so we dissect financial reporting in a way that non financial managers can understand.  The approach includes analysis of accounts and production of easy to understand reporting tools that allow managers to digest the numbers and understand how to influence them to improve profit & loss figures, the balance sheet and critically cash flow.

Typical projects in this area also include the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) so that managers have the right key data at their finger tips to manage the operation and review performance so that the right decisions can be easily reached and monitored. 

Time management

You cannot manage time but you can manage how you use time! 

Working with individuals and teams, we show you how to use time more effectively and achieve more during the working day.  Typical projects include the effective use of standard task management tools, diaries and project management processes. 

A key output from typical time management projects is how to find the 13th month in each year.

Team building

The establishment of top teams allows businesses to expand effectively and build true competitive advantage in their market place whether locally, nationally or indeed internationally. 

Characteristic assignments for team development will be based on the use of the Life Orientations® tool set to help individuals improve their competencies and behavioural style which in turn is used to let teams see how they perform and the sorts of blockages thy have to true top team outputs.

Projects for team development are not only delivered through the classic workshop approach but can also include the use of outdoor learning in an outward bound environment where we work with a partner company to facilitate the experiential learning elements of an environment very different to the work place and the standard comfort zone that teams are used to.  And it is fun too!

System development

Our consultancy service helps businesses develop the systems required to operate effectively across all areas of their business including personnel, financial, operational, sales and marketing, quality and communication systems.

The typical output is clear procedures, flow diagrams, manuals and work instructions.

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