Friday, August 7, 2020
Executive Coaching Talent Spotting

Talent Spotting

Talent spotting has two key functions, namely succession planning and recruitment.

Many managers internally have skills that they use day to day in their job role and may be seen as good managers who one day will become the next senior team.  The challenge is how to dig deeper into the persons behaviour to uncover not just skills, which are usually self evident, but find the areas of talent which may be suppressed as the current role does not require them to be used in the present situation. 

Talents, however, are the areas that require exposure to build an individual for future and more senior roles.  Using the Lifo® model and analysis, we help the person understand how to use their style more effectively.

For recruitment, the Lifo® model and analysis helps to shine a light on the aspects of the individual that are rarely clear from a CV.  The model provides a process to build good and insightful questions around how the candidate behaves in a range of typical leadership situations. 

Following a successful appointment, many clients then engage us to support the individual and help build their confidence in the new role.

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