Friday, August 7, 2020
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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is the process of helping a team member grow and develop their competencies so that they become more attuned to the needs of the organisation and therefore more effective.  The process starts by examining strengths and setting these against the needs of the role.

The individual will undergo an analysis using the Life Orientations® profiling model to help establish their natural behavioural styles in ideal conditions but also under less favourable conditions where changes in behaviour can often be detected. The model examines situations where excessive use of a behaviour can be damaging and helps to detune the behaviour to improve its positive impact. Through improving self awareness and understanding of impact on others behaviours are modified to become more effective through establishing a personal action plan around 5 key areas:

1. Learning to use the strengths you already possess more often and more effectively.

2. Identify how to relate more effectively to people who are different from you.

3. Increase your behavioural flexibility by developing those strategies you least prefer or are least comfortable with.

4. Increase your ability to use the strengths of others to supplement your own.

5. Learn how to identify and manage those situations that trigger you into using your preferred behavioural strategies inappropriately or to excess.

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